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Sarah and I are motorcycle enthusiasts. (Well some might call us 'nuts', but what ever works). We love to travel on 2 wheels and have lots of memories and pictures to share and many more to make! Inside our albums here, you'll find our motorcycle trips and adventures.

I spend the majority of my time riding motorcycles and planning my next adventure. I do everything from long distance touring to track riding, dual sport riding, and dirt bikes. These days its mostly dual sport riding and Adventure Riding. Motorcycle riding is my passion and what I base everything around. I started riding at age 18 (around '94), but it wasn't until 2001 that I became hooked on riding longer distances and experiencing the world on 2 wheels began. I started doing a little touring in 2003 with my roommate at the time. I went from riding standard upright Japanese bikes and various cruisers and bought my first sport bike which was a 2001 Suzuki TL1000S. That year I rode to Daytona for bike week and also up to NY state. Most of 2003-2006 was either spent at the track or going to the mountains. My real touring days began around 2006 and in less than the 3 years time I covered all contiguous 48 states plus Alaska and 4 Canadian Provinces on 2 wheels. Now its time to go tackle the rest of the world!

In 2008, I reunited with a long time friend Sarah and we were married on April 1st, 2009 to share our dreams together for the rest of our lives. You can see that both Sarah and I love riding motorcycles and we both have a very deep passion for riding motorcycles and being able to share that together is a dream come true. We have already ridden some amazing motorcycle rides together and look forward to many future trips. Our goal is to eventually be able to ride around the world and experience all kinds of new places on 2 wheels. Sarah really took a liking to dirt biking and dual sport riding, so we spend a lot of time doing that also when we can't escape for multi-week trips. We are always updating our pictures with new adventures!

Two Wheel Destiny - Dan & Sarah!

TAT II - 2012

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